The Company Culture

Netos is a family-owned construction company founded in 1960. We owe our track record of individual company successes to being a fully integrated business focussed on delivering the best service, with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality. Our team members are handpicked for their experience, skills and expertise, and our inclusive nature rewarded with employees who are loyal, committed and proud of the work they do. By continually updating our management systems, technology and techniques, we ensure time, cost and quality are managed in the most efficient ways possible. Always profoundly respectful of all stakeholders, Netos is flexible and fluid in its decision-making to ensure the very best outcome is achieved through seamless coordination and collaboration between designers and project managers.

Builders for more than 60 years 

The entrepreneurial spirit of José Guerreiro Neto and his son José Vitória Neto led to the creation of Netos Construtores in 1960, in Loulé, and it is now one of the oldest construction firms in Portugal. The experience gained over hundreds of building projects, both large and small, contemporary and traditional, combined with the professionalism and competence of our team, have placed us in the position of a solid, experienced, professional and versatile company.

We are a family company with solid roots, in which the art and skills of construction have been handed down over three generations. The original dream of father and son has evolved for over 60 years, and the brand has grown. João and José Neto, at the forefront of Netos Construtores for nearly 30 years, inherited the art of construction, along with the traditional values that support the name Netos Construtores and a continual concern to keep up-to-date and move with the times.

Our commitments

To construction

Every day we fulfil the promise of the brand: to build with solidity, experience and trust, with the values of excellence, transparency, innovation and humanisation always present. These are the cornerstone of Netos Construtores, and are also our legacy for the future, because they are values that will never change.

Our continual concern with modernisation and updating ensures that our projects reflect the latest trends in the construction process and the most suitable materials and machinery for each project, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and functionality.

To the client

We pride ourselves on having a customer-focused brand culture. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction and our ambition is to exceed their expectations in every phase of the construction process.

To ensure that no detail is overlooked and to guarantee exemplary technical knowledge in areas related to construction, such as structural rehabilitation, seismic protection, energy efficiency and interior design, we have established partnerships with specialised companies that are highly reputable in their own fields.

To the team

We continually seek to improve our value proposition as civil engineering professionals, not only aiming to be the best construction company, but also the best employer. To ensure the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, we invest in continual skills updating and training.

To the future

We see each day as an opportunity to challenge ourselves and evolve. That’s why we can look to the future with confidence, with the hope that we will continue to be a leading company in the field of civil engineering, recognised for our construction excellence and equipped with the best technical and human resources to create value for each client’s project.