We build lasting relationships

We have a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team to ensure personalised and professional support throughout all the phases of the project. We build bridges and create synergies with clients, architects, planners and interior designers of many different nationalities. We promote team spirit and open communication with the project team, which enables us to design and create rigorous solutions that meet our clients’ needs, with maximum speed and flexibility.

We build lasting relationships. Netos Construtores’ commitment goes far beyond the construction phase. After the project has been delivered, we continue to provide the same excellent service. We are a local partner that is ready for any challenge, be it maintenance, guaranteed performance or a new project.

SINCE 1960

With over 60 years of experience, we have the practical knowledge that only comes with experience, through hundreds of projects, developed in collaboration with clients, planners, interior designers, project managers and suppliers from the most diverse backgrounds and cultures. We invest in the continual training and updating of our professionals and are proud to have a solid, highly specialised, multidisciplinary team that is always available to analyse the specific characteristics of each construction or intervention and present the best solutions for your project.

We place a high value on technology and innovation and are strongly committed to increasing our resources and knowledge, so that no detail is overlooked in the technical areas related to construction. We have established strong partnerships with leading companies in the sector with whom we share the same standards of excellence.

From energy efficiency to interior design, or seismic protection, our partners are highly qualified, with proven track records and recognised value in their areas of expertise.

All our projects are based on ethical principles in all their dimensions. We carry out an in-depth and thorough analysis of all proposals submitted to us, as well as the specific characteristics of the work site, so that we can provide you with an honest, detailed, rigorous and competitive budget for your project. Our detailed budget proposal will reflect the specification of the project and finishes details, as well as the unquestionable quality approach.

At Netos Construtores we take our responsibilities and guarantees to our clients very seriously, from the beginning through the end of the project, and beyond. We ensure compliance in every phase of the construction, with licensing, certification, or supervisory bodies and strict adherence to site specifications, deadlines and budgets. With Netos Construtores, you have peace of mind and security from start to finish.

We seek to create strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, whether private or institutional, that go far beyond the completion of the work. We are always ready to support a Netos Construtores project, even after the work is completed or the warranty period has expired.

We set a term, we set deadlines and we involve everyone. We deliver. A realistic and transparent schedule for each project is set, with the close cooperation with all those involved. The progress of the work is monitored regularly, throughout all the phases of construction, adhering to established deadlines or, in the case of potential setbacks, identifying them in good time and taking prompt corrective action to resolve them.

We put all our energy into each project. We build, extend or refurbish residential, commercial and industrial spaces, always striving to deliver sophisticated and high-quality construction solutions that go beyond our clients’ expectations.

We know that it is the specific characteristics of each project that make it unique, and that every decision, no matter how small, can determine the excellence of the final result. Therefore, we ensure the best tailor-made solutions for each client. From the foundations to the bespoke finishing , quality and refinement are hallmarks of Netos Construtores.

We have six decades of experience. We know how demanding a construction process can be, so we are always there to share our expertise and help you find the solutions, materials and equipment that are best suited to your project.