Etienne de Villiers, Quinta do Lago

Netos has served us on two major construction projects over the past 10 years and consistently lived up to their reputation of being able to deal with change and complexity; their highly skilled workmanship; and above all their extraordinary joinery. We were delighted with both projects, completed on time and on budget and they surpassed expectations with their quality, attention to detail and willingness to be flexible and pro active with solutions. They are wonderful people to deal with, a true family business -open, fair, hard working, professional and completely trustworthy. Construction is usually a nightmare; with Netos, it is a dream.

António Horta, Technical director, Hotel Conrad Algarve

’Netos, a company with great family tradition, where honesty, professionalism and serenity prevail.”

Sir Jack Harvie, Chairman, City Link Developments, and C.B.C Group Ltd, Scotland

Netos have completed several alterations to our villa over a number of years and we have always found them helpful, knowledgeable, experienced and keen to complete the project on time and within budget.

Daniel Gama, Diretor Geral, Quinta do Lago Country Club

Netos respects the agreed work plan, justifies any plan changes and meets deadlines. Working with Netos means peace of mind.

Jean Pierre David, Quinta do Lago

Netos achieved exceptional results, excellent co-ordination with the Architect and revealed commendable respect for budgets.

Villa Owner, Quinta do Lago

I have spent many years developing countless millions of square metres of buildings using many contractors. I can honestly say, in all my experience, I have never had a better relationship with a builder.

Architect Richard Burt

Architects ask a lot of building contractors. They hope, amongst many criteria, for attention to detail, high standards of workmanship, rigorous cost control, solutions not problems and an attitude and approach to the project that allows trust and confidence to develop, creating a working relationship that brings maximum benefit to the client and the architecture. Netos Construction surpass all criteria, which is one of the reasons for their success over the past 50 years.

Os Arquitetos exigem muito dos construtores pela atenção ao detalhe, por elevada qualidade
de mão de obra, por um controle de custos rigoroso . A Netos excede-se em todos os aspetos,
o que é uma das razões do seu sucesso ao longo dos 50 anos da empresa.

Richard BurtArquiteto
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