Construction at Quinta do Lago

At the end of July Netos Construtores, in consortium with Seth, initiated the construction of the prestigious RESERVA, an exclusive Quinta do Lago Tourism Project.

Seth originates from Denmark and was established in Portugal in 1933, making it the longest established company with a building license in Portugal. The company brings together a long-standing reputation, technical scope and financial stability.

Netos Construtores, established already for 50 years, are embracing their partnership with Seth and are looking forward to complimenting their knowledge of the industry with the scale and technical capability that a company as prestigious as Seth can provide. This partnership also opens up many potential joint ventures in the future.

With a total value of €23.100.000,00, this project encompasses the building of 26 luxury dwellings. The venture includes villas with gardens and penthouses, with parking, swimming pools and private access lifts. The complex also boasts its own clubhouse, restaurant, bar, private gym, children’s playground and sports field. Works on the RESERVA project are expected to be concluded by the summer of 2019.


Architects ask a lot of building contractors. They hope, amongst many criteria, for attention to detail, high standards of workmanship, rigorous cost control, solutions not problems and an attitude and approach to the project that allows trust and confidence to develop, creating a working relationship that brings maximum benefit to the client and the architecture. Netos Construction surpass all criteria, which is one of the reasons for their success over the past 50 years.

Richard Burt
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