The use of natural materials is fundamental to our work, a fact our clients greatly appreciate. Just as when we give them the opportunity to pick out the timber from which their flooring or furniture pieces will be created. Or when they visit the quarry and can see for themselves the tone and vein of the stone from which their tiles are to be made. Or what’s more, when they can appreciate the blacksmith’s skill, as he moulds an iron stairwell according to their own inspiration.


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Architects ask a lot of building contractors. They hope, amongst many criteria, for attention to detail, high standards of workmanship, rigorous cost control, solutions not problems and an attitude and approach to the project that allows trust and confidence to develop, creating a working relationship that brings maximum benefit to the client and the architecture. Netos Construction surpass all criteria, which is one of the reasons for their success over the past 50 years.

Richard Burt
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